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Internet for expats

High speed internet connections are in great demand in Holland. According to the State of the Internet report quarterly published by Internet Company Akamai, the Dutch internet belongs in speed among the top six countries in the world. The average speed of the internet connection is 15,6 Mbps.

Internet speed for expats around the world

According to the same report, 60 per cent of the Dutch have a broadband connection that is higher than 10 Mbps, which makes Holland the number 3 in the world.

Dutch internet providers

The Netherlands has multiple internet service providers. They use different techniques and offer different speed and price plans.

ADSL VDSL Fibre Cable

Subscriptions with an ADSL or VDSL connection are connected to the "landline outlet" in the house and generally have a lower price a month. Fibre ("Glasvezel" in Dutch) and cable internet are faster and therefore cost a bit more. Cable internet is connected to the coax-tv-cable while fibre is connected to a custom installed outlet in the meter cupboard. The greatest advantage of fibre connections is their upload speed, which is the same as the download speed and could go up to 750 Mbps.

The biggest two providers in Holland are Ziggo and KPN (including subsidiary XS4ALL). They control 84 per cent of the Dutch broadband market.
Eventhough, these two giants control the market, there are enough smaller providers who can provide reliable cheaper internet than these two providers. Tele2, Online and Budget are price fighters in the broadband market, offering subscriptions with prices between € 22,00 - € 30,00 a month.

Dutch television

If you want to watch television in Holland, you need a provider who can deliver their services on your address.
There are different techniques to receive digital television.

Dutch phone services

KPN telecom provides all landline telephones in Holland. If you want a landline as an expat, you need to subscribe for at least one year and provide identification, proof of address and your residence permit.

Another, and often cheaper, alternative is to combine the internet subscription with a telephone component. Calling via the internet is called Voice over IP. This way of calling is cheaper than the landline from KPN and the other advantage is that you have an internet subscription as well. There are several bundles to make calling outside the Netherlands cheaper.

Unlimited calling within Europe or even worldwide are examples that multiple providers could arrange for you.

Breedbandwinkel and you

We understand that you don't have the time to find the perfect internet provider. We are more than happy to help you, we just need to know your wishes and will find the best suitable provider for you as soon as possible.
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ADSL / VDSL Cable Fiber
Technology IPTV DVB-C IPTV
Availability Everywhere in the Netherlands Everywhere in the Netherlands +/- 30% of the Netherlands
Requirements for digital tv ADSL / VDSL connection with al least 8 Mb download speed Cable connection Fiber connection
HD channels
Interactive services
TV channels 100+ 100+ 100+
Radio channels 90+ 90+ 90+
Premium content channels
Electronic Program Guide
Including cable-tv channels
Receivers Receiver (settopbox) or recorder Receiver (settopbox), CI+ module or recorder Receiver (settopbox) or recorder
How to connect Ethernetcable from modem to tv receiver, or with wireless connectionset COAX cable to tv receiver Ethernetcable from modem to tv receiver, or with wireless connectionset
Providers KPN, XS4ALL, Budget, Tele2, Youfone, T-Mobile en Online Ziggo en DELTA KPN, XS4ALL, Budget, Caiway, Youfone, T-Mobile en Online
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